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Technologies that are common in all walks of life - mobile phones, Bluetooth, communications, automation - are underutilized in healthcare. By applying these and other technologies the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes will be improved and healthcare costs will be drastically reduced. Convergence of Healthcare and Information Technology has already begun, but has not reached its full potential. Telehealth applications such as MyHealthPoint offer the potential to extend world-class healthcare to anywhere in the world. Communications infrastructure is commonly available for connecting people - young and old alike. All age groups, even including seniors, are embracing technologies that improve their lives. Significant costs are reduced by eliminating barriers between healthcare providers and patients. IT reduces the cost and obstacles for treating, educating and improving outcomes. Our digital healthcare solutions closely connect healthcare providers with their patients.

The MyHealthPoint Platform includes a free Mobile App that is designed to be used with a personalized online portal. Users can choose to use just the Mobile App or their online personal portal or both. The data is wirelessly or manually entered and is synced to both. MyHealthPoint is fully integrated with the Qualcomm 2Net Wireless Home Medical Device Hub.

The MyGlucoHealth Meter wirelessly transmits your data to your personal online portal, allowing the secure sharing of your readings to the care team you choose. Automatic alerts are sent wirelessly on high and low readings and messages can be sent automatically if you forget to test. The solution is completely customized for you and all alerts, sharing of test results and reminders are set by you.

MyHealthPoint is consistently expanding the list of compatible wireless devices that will be able to upload health data and results automatically. Of course we will also continue to support manual data entry of medications, weight and body measurements, and blood pressure readings. MyHealthPoint is an open platform and has developed regional partnerships to offer various levels of integration.

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