Technology Behind the MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless works in combination with a real time online data collection network to upload and report patient blood glucose readings. Using the MyGlucoHealth Patient Portal at, patients can digitally transmit and evaluate their daily readings using their mobile phone, while communicating those same results automatically to their physician. This allows the physician to stay up-to-date on all of his or her patients and intercede immediately if needed.

MyGlucoHealth is more than just an advanced meter, with convenient operation and rapid results, MyGlucoHealth is a comprehensive diabetes management system that gives patients direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with their doctor.

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter & Strips Accuracy

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter and strip system is one of the most accurate personal diabetic care products on the market today. By design, the MyGlucohealth Meter and strip system offers high levels of accuracy, with a smaller blood sample size and faster reading. When tested against calibrated laboratory instruments, the MyGlucoHealth Meter meets higher performance standards when compared to many off-the-shelf glucometers. In glucose concentrations of less than 75 mg/dl, MyGlucoHealth tested within plus or minus 6.5% of laboratory calibration, 89% of the time and within 7.5%, 100% of the time. When testing concentrations of greater than 75 mg/dl, MyGlucoHealth was within 5%, 65% of the time, within 10%, 92% of the time and within 15%, 98% of the time.